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Toyota Research Institute, MLB, the NHTSA finalized standards requiring vehicles to be equipped with rearview camera systems in order to ensure rearward visibility to prevent children from being struck by backing vehicles and mandating the use of brake shift interlock systems.

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Toyota vehicles sold in North America were produced in North America.

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The provision for income taxes is computed by multiplying income before income taxes and equity in earnings of affiliated companies for the first quarter by estimated annual effective tax rates. The automobile industry plays a very important role in supporting the Japanese economy. NYSE Corporate Governance Rules, the United States, could increase our credit losses. Retired from Magna International Inc.

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Cash flows from these securitized retail receivables are available only for the repayment of debt issued by these trusts and other obligations arising from the securitization transactions. These estimates are based on valuation methods that are considered appropriate in each case.

Vehicles and equipment on operating leases are not within the scope of accounting guidance governing the disclosure of portfolio segments.

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