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You should also make sure that you turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth instead of leaving the water running! If the multiple short draws continue for several cycles, it can significantly overheat the water at the top of the tank. Another reason for elevating water heater temperatures is for an attempt to prevent bacterial growth in the water system. Spending just a few minutes at the hot water tank to adjust and optimize the settings can conserve both energy and money. Not encourage the cold water at this shows the heater calculations, courteous and provided and recommended water hot! Trace amounts of this bacteria are often present in municipal water supplies but do not thrive in the cold temperatures. He pointed out the extensive termite damage, and the shortcuts taken in repairs so the home appeared updated, but was not. In normal operation, your dip tube attaches to the cold water inlet valve and travels down to the bottom of the tank. It prevents mineral buildup.

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