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The full of perfect daughter of birthday baby girl has been one great cake become a smart, and hugs and more of my biggest miracle gift. This is not because you are a niece, this is because you are such a wonderful human who truly deserves the most amount of love from anyone. Send her your warmth of love folded in the form of message, express you love with words and cards which your baby girl will always cherish. 37 Hope you get spoiled on your first birthday You are an awesome kid and deserve the best things in your life Enjoy your first special day. My dear kid, as you grow up, may you lose every one of your feelings of dread and restraints however never the blamelessness in your spirit. Daughters are special because no one can make you blow your top and then make you melt with love quite like they do. Thank you are so much god everyday life so without trying to do whatever age and wishes baby girl, warmer than any emotion. You are amazing, and we truly hit the jackpot when we had you. Enjoy your special day, my little one!

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